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Building India’s Future: Why Our PPC Cement is The Best Choice


Cement, often referred to as the foundation of a building, is a binding agent. It is combined with different materials like mortar, concrete, and other building materials that provide strength and durability to your building. Cement is made by crushing down limestone, clay, shale, and gypsum into fine powder and then putting it at room temperature. This results in the production of clinker, which is further crushed into fine powder and added with gypsum to create the ultimate product and foundation of a building, cement. Cement is versatile and has diverse uses, from residential projects to the construction of other complex processes like roads, bridges, flyovers, and other infrastructure.

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What Is PPC Cement?

PPC cement, also known as Portland Pozzolana Cement, is a hydraulic cement that is popularly known for its outstanding performance and its versatility in different construction projects. It’s formed by blending and mixing different pozzolanic materials, like fly ash, volcanic ash, silica fume, and others with clinker, that are dominant in OPC cement, also known as ordinary Portland cement. All this, when combined and mixed, results in the formation of PPC cement, which is durable, ensures strength and longevity, enhances long-term strength, and can be used in different construction projects. 

What is Pozzolana?

No matter whether pozzolana is naturally occurring or man-made, it can be made to have cementitious qualities by mixing it with lime and water. The word was first used in Roman construction, which made use of the volcanic ash deposits near Pozzuoli, Italy. Pozzolanic materials consist of silica fume, fly ash, rice husk ash, volcanic ash, and calcined clay. The cementitious matrix thickens and lasts longer when pozzolanic materials are combined with lime and ground into a fine powder. This is due to a chemical interaction that occurs between the ingredients. Pozzolana has several advantages over other types of cement, including reduced heat of hydration, better workability, and higher long-term strength in applications involving mortar and concrete. Pozzolana extract is frequently used to make Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) and other mixed cement varieties.

How is PPC cement Made?

Blending pozzolanic ingredients, gypsum, clinker, and additional additives is a carefully monitored procedure used to make PPC cement. When the base ingredients are ground into a fine powder to create a homogenous mixture, they are utilized to burn the mixture to temperatures higher than 1,400°C. Clinker nodules form as a result of a chemical reaction between the raw components during the clinkering process. PPC cement is made from cooled clinker and gypsum that have been finely powdered. 

Types of PPC Cement

Fly Ash-Based PPC: The finely powdered waste that remains after burning coal in thermal power plants is combined with clinker and gypsum to generate fly ash. Fly ash is a pozzolanic substance that produces more cementitious chemicals when it reacts chemically with lime. Cementitious materials with increased robustness, durability, and resistance to chemical assault are the end products of this process. Precast concrete components, plastering, and concrete manufacturing are just a few of the many building applications that use PPC based on fly ash. Among the advantages are improved long-term strength, decreased heat of hydration, and improved workability.

Silica Fume-Based PPC: Silica fume-based PPC is a pozzolanic material that is a byproduct obtained during the production of silicon metal. It consists of silica dioxide particles, and reacting with it, it leads to the formation of other cement materials. It then leads to the formation of a type of PPC cement that is superior, durable, and resistant to different chemicals and is well-suited for the construction of bridges, marine structures, and more.

Volcanic Ash-Based PPC: Volcanic Ash-based PPC is made by utilizing volcanic ash as a pozzolanic material. derived from volcanic eruptions, it contains small and fine particles of siliceous and aluminous materials that, when mixed with lime, lead to the formation of cement that ensures durability and is common in volcanic eruption-related construction projects. 

Benefits of PPC cement: 

Enhanced Durability: PPC cement ensures the durability of your construction projects and also provides resistance to different types of chemical attacks as well as sulfate attacks, giving a long-lasting concrete building that requires minimal maintenance.

Enhanced longevity: PPC concrete is made of pozzolanic materials that ensure higher strength, durability, and longevity to your buildings, results in no or less thermal cracking over the years, and is more suitable for large concrete projects.

Sustainable: PPC cement is manufactured in a sustainable way with the use of different pozzolanic materials like fly ash and silica fume and is manufactured through an environmentally sustainable process. 

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