The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Cement

The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Cement

Anything we build, construct, or even dream about takes a lot of effort to give a face to existence in the real world. While the ultimate blueprint takes excellent craftsmanship and tireless work, using materials like the best cement can add concreteness and strength to the whole structure. 

From skyscrapers to pre-schools, every structure built around you needs a combination of the best raw materials, design, quality, and workforce.

It also requires a great deal of discipline and diligence to assemble them in the right proportions and deliver the masterpiece with care. This article will discuss cement and the factors you should consider before buying the best for your architecture. 

What is cement? – the traditional definition

Simply put, cement is a binder that is majorly used in construction sites where the structure sets, hardens, and enables the bondage of other materials used in building it. It is a chemical substance originally produced from limestone and clay.

The mixture we just talked about is charred and ground up to produce the final product, which we know as cement. Today, there are various types of cement available. Let’s discuss them in detail, one at a time:

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

It is made by mixing the blending substances, gypsum, and the Portland cement blinker. It is often used in making high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, and nuclear containment structures. These structures have been mandated by the Bureau of Industrial Standards (BIS).

  • Portland Slag Cement (PSC)

when a granulated blast furnace slag is refined in a particular way, slag cement, a block of hydraulic cement, is created to replace a part of the Portland cement. It is basically an iron blast furnace recovered solely for industrial purposes. 

  • Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

This variety of cement is created by combining OPC and pozzolanic substances like volcanic ash, fly ash, and many more. It has various multipurpose uses in the industrial arena and can be a sustainable product. When thinking of environmental concerns, it can be an ideal pick. 

Factors related to buying the best cement:

Now that we know about the different types of cement available in the market, we should also know about the different factors that affect your choice of cement, especially when you buy it for building your dream foundation. So let’s consider these factors one by one in detail below:

  • Purpose

Firstly, you need to decide whether purchasing cement is more of a need or a want. Once you understand the difference between the two, your choice will be better and clearer. For example, are you looking for cement to construct a home for yourself or a pool? Or, if it is a pool, is it necessary or a luxury? Once these questions are answered, your selection will be better. 

  • Quality

Checking the quality of your choice of cement is very essential in the long run. From picking among the three kinds of cement available in the market to choosing a special cement, it requires great attention to detail from your side. 

  • Specification

Do you need a low heat or sulphate resistant cement? Do you want Grade 53 cement, or are you okay with any grade that is offered to you for building your construction? Thus, gradation, specifics, and requirements must be perfectly aligned before choosing your cement. 

  • Product Description

Are you into intricate detailing? Well, if you want your foundation to speak for the expertise you hold, chances are you might just need to start paying attention to reading the product specifications written on the package. While every little bit helps, a thorough understanding of the product can help you be more aware and make a better choice.

  • Budget

Your pocket is a big deciding factor in choosing the best cement brand for your construction. However, it is essential, so picking the right one should be the ideal way out. You shouldn’t compromise on this, for the strength of your construction largely depends on it. 

  • Brand

It is a big misconception that a brand name is, after all, just a name and holds no concrete value. However, every brand name comes with its own set of qualities, credibility, and goodwill. The more you put your faith in a popular brand, the higher your chances of receiving good and lasting products.

Kamdhenu cement comes with country-wide popularity and the trust of over a thousand customers. Its cement variety is commendable and works well for a flexible budget range. If you need a modernized and innovative product to suit your needs, Kamdhenu cement can be recommended as your ideal choice. 


Every construction made speaks for the art, thought process, and dedication of every worker involved. Cement is a basic necessity for every foundation – no matter the construct.

It has different grades, specifications, and quality when classified in terms of durability, price, and usage. You should invest in it after gaining sufficient knowledge about them all. Remember, it is your dream that is getting a face. Let it create a lasting impression!