Top 10 Best Cement Companies in India

Top 10 Best Cement Companies in India

I took help from Kamdhenu Cement for multiple projects, and the results have always been outstanding with this cement manufacturer. If you’re looking for a cement brand that combines quality, innovation, and reliability while being the best cement company, Kamdhenu is the way to go.

This heavyweight boasts a massive network and cutting-edge technology, making it a reliable choice for any project. 

Whether you’re building a home, a skyscraper, or anything in between, Kamdhenu Cement offers the strength, durability, and innovation you need to ensure your project stands the test of time.

Here’s what I love about Kamdhenu Cement:

  • Superior Quality: Here, cement meets consistently high standards.
  • Advanced Technology: Their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes for the best cement for roof can result in enhanced performance.
  • Reliability: Trusted by countless builders and contractors across India.

Make the smart choice for your next project and experience the difference between the cement supplier – Kamdhenu Cement. Let’s build a better future together with the best in the business.

If you’re looking for the best cement companies in India, then look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the top names in the industry that will help you finalize which cement company could fulfill your needs. Let’s explore and read about the best cement manufacturers in India.

Top 10 Cement Companies in India

Below are the 10 best cement manufacturers that provide the best construction material.

1. Kamdhenu Cement

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Kamdhenu Cement is the fourth leading cement organization that is ranked among the top 10. It is one of the leading cement and concrete producers in this industry and over the country. They deliver the best quality concrete and cement at reasonable rates that increase the value of the structure. They utilize fine natural substances to shape a top-quality item with the latest technology. The gathering vows to make the world a special place to live.

2. Shree Cement Limited

Shree Cement Limited-West Bengal - Company CSR Profile

The company has a wide distribution network, with over 56,000 dealers across the country. It also has sales offices across the country. It became a part of the Holcim Group of Switzerland in 2005, which also includes Lafarge. Together, these two companies are world leaders in building materials and solutions.

Shree Cement is one of the largest cement companies in the country, with an installed capacity of 43.4 million tons per year in India and 44.4 million tons abroad. It also produces and sells power under the name Shree Mega Power. It also has an impressive work culture, uses the latest techniques, and has a CSR program.

3. Birla Corporation Limited

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Birla Corporation Limited is the flagship company of the MP Birla group and was established in 1919. It has seven cement factories and has received ISO 9001:2000 certification for its production and marketing processes. The company’s Birla Premium cement brand is a well-known name in the industry.

Birla Corporation Limited has a long history and is a leading player in the cement industry in India. It has a strong network of 9,000 dealers and a retail footprint that extends from Rajasthan to Bengal. It employs over 120,000 people from 42 nationalities.

Birla Corporation Limited has been in the cement industry for over eight decades and is one of the best cement companies in India. It has operations across the country and contributes to the building of national infrastructure. It has almost 90 ready-mix concrete plants and 17 cement manufacturing units. The company employs over 6,600 skilled personnel. It also has a nationwide sales and distribution network.

As India’s construction industry is growing at a rapid rate, the demand for cement is increasing. The construction industry accounts for 7% of the country’s GDP. As demand continues to rise, the market for cement is likely to increase even faster. India has an installed capacity of 151.2 million tons of cement per year.

4. Prime Gold Cement

Prime Gold Cement PPC -50Kgs - PPC - Cement -BuildersMART

Prime Gold was founded in 1984 by Shri Pradeep Aggarwal. He had an objective of giving a solid and secure living, and with his assurance, he accomplished his goals and made his name in the construction industry. It is among the top brands that produce construction materials and has a major name in the construction business. They give top-quality items, which is the reason they are known as the best producers of cement.

Prime Gold is a rising and driving undertaking with a high level and technology, which guarantees the world a superior future.

5. Dalmia Cement

Boards Approves the Merger of Dalmia Bharat, OCL India – Dynamic Levels

Another company with an excellent reputation in the Indian cement market is Dalmia Cement Company Limited. This company has a double-digit market share and is one of the pioneers in super-specialty cement. The company has also acquired Adhunik Cement & Calcom Cement, two major cement players in the North East. The company is expected to grow at a compound rate of 20 percent per year by 2020.

The cement industry began in India in 1889. Since then, it has grown to become the largest cement producer. The country currently has over 450 cement plants.

Dalmia Cement Company Limited was founded in 1939 and is one of the oldest and largest cement manufacturers in India. The company has a double-digit market share and is a pioneer in super-specialty cement. It holds a 74 percent stake in OCL India Ltd, a major player in the Eastern Region. It has recently acquired Adhunik Cement & Calcom Cement, a cement producer in the North East. Its capacity is 35 million tonnes per annum.

6. Ultra Tech Cement Limited

UltraTech Cement - Wikipedia

UltraTech Cement is a leading cement manufacturing company with a network of over 80,000 partners and a presence in more than 80% of Indian cities. It has also recently acquired Century’s cement business to increase its market share in the eastern region. The company is also exploring the possibility of establishing retail stores.

The company is one of the largest cement manufacturers in India and is a part of the Aditya Birla Group. It produces OPC and PPC cements which are widely used for building small residential and industrial buildings. The company has more than eighty-five plants across India, with many of them located in Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh.

The company operates 22 integrated manufacturing units, 27 milling units, eight bulk packing terminals, and more than 100,000 distributors across India. Its products are available in over 80 markets in India, and the company also has 170 RMC plants across the country. In addition, the company produces a wide range of specialty concrete.

7. Ambuja Cement

Performance of Ambuja Cement Limited in India over the last 10 years.

Ambuja Cement is part of the Holcim Group and one of the largest cement companies in India. The company is renowned for its eco-friendly products and a strong presence in western India. It has manufacturing facilities in Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, and Gujarat. It is a part of the Swiss conglomerate LafargeHolcim, which is a world leader in cement manufacturing.

8. Lafarge Duraguard

Lafarge Duraguard Ppc Cement at Rs 360/bag | Lucknow | ID: 27442270830

Lafarge is one of the leading cement companies in India. It has six cement plants across the country and has become one of the biggest names in the market. It has the largest presence in the eastern and central parts of India and sells cement and ready-mix concrete under different brand names.

This company was founded in 1983 and is a part of Holcim, another largest cement makers in the world. It is one of the most trusted brands in the Indian market and is known for the quality of its cement. It is a low-cost cement producer and has a focus on quality and efficiency. It has also won several awards from Government bodies and autonomous bodies.

9. Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Ltd.

Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. | LinkedIn

Besides Lafarge Duraguard, Nuvoco is another leading cement player in the country. This company is located in East India and is one of the biggest players in the country’s cement sector. It has recently launched Zero M Epoxy Tile Grout in Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana. It has also introduced InstaMix Xpress in Bhutan.

10. SCL Cement

Shree Cement Limited-West Bengal - Company CSR Profile

SCL Cement is one of the best companies in India when it comes to cement manufacturing. Its CAPEX plan is massive, with investments totaling Rs 12,900 crore over the next five years. This will help the company expand its manufacturing capacity by 22.6 million tonnes a year by FY25. The company will also focus on selling premium cement with a high-margin product. It also has the ability to use blended cement, which can reduce raw material and energy consumption per ton of cement. This can help the company reduce its operating costs while increasing its profitability.