RMC Concrete Plant

What are the Different Kinds of Ready Mix Concrete Plants?

Ready-mix concrete (RMC) refers to RMC concrete that is manufactured in a batching plant according to a set recipe and then delivered to construction sites in transit mixers. Using RMC offers many benefits, like consistent quality, faster construction, reduced waste, and cost-effectiveness compared to site-mixed concrete. 

With the rising demand for RMC, the plants where it is produced also vary. This article will explore the different types of RMC plants and their distinct features that make them suitable for specific applications and production capacities. 

We will compare dry batch, wet batch, central mix and mobile RMC plants in terms of their layout, components, working conditions, advantages, and limitations. Having this knowledge will help you choose the optimum RMC plant type for your construction requirements.

Types of RMC Plants

The type of ready mix rmc concrete plant required for a construction project depends on several factors, like the size and location of the project and the amount of concrete needed. As per the American Concrete Institute (ACI), there are three main types of RMC plants:

Transit mix plants

Transit mix plants are the most common, making up over 85% of RMC plants in India according to industry estimates. In transit mix plants, the concrete is mixed completely in the truck mixer while in transit to the construction site. This allows flexibility in meeting varying demand and delays in concrete delivery. However, transit mix plants are not suitable for large projects requiring high output.

Shrink mix plants

Shrink mix plants partially mix the concrete in a stationary mixer at the RMC plant. The mixing is then completed in the truck mixer during transit. This combines the flexibility of transit mix with the high output capacity of central mix plants. Shrink mix plants require precise coordination between plant and truck to ensure proper concrete consistency.

Central mix plants

Central mix plants fully mix the concrete in a stationary mixer at the plant before it is discharged into a truck mixer for delivery. Central mix plants allow the highest production capacity and most uniform concrete quality monitoring. However, they involve higher investment costs and are less flexible to variations compared to transit mix plants.

When choosing an RMC plant, one must evaluate factors like required output, construction site location, cost, and preferred concrete mixing method. Leading concrete manufacturers, like Kamdhenu Cement, have a range of transit, shrink, and central mix plants to meet diverse project needs. With over two decades of experience, Kamdhenu delivers high quality ready mix concrete using the latest RMC plant technologies.

How to Choose the Best RMC Plant for Your Project

Selecting the right ready mix RMC concrete plant is crucial to getting the best quality concrete for your construction requirements. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing an RMC plant:

  • Evaluate the quality and grade of RMC offered. Higher grades, like M60, indicate superior strength and performance. Check RMC samples and quality control certifications before deciding.
  • Ensure the RMC plant is accredited by organizations like the National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies and follows standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards. This ensures reliability.
  • Compare the price and value offered by different RMC plant manufacturers. Opt for one that provides good quality at competitive pricing. Consider logistics costs as well.
  • Consider the locations of RMC plants versus your construction site. Opt for the nearest plant to reduce transit time so that concrete remains usable when delivered.
  • Check the customer service, technical support, and responsiveness provided by the RMC plant. Visit their site to directly assess this. Quick issue resolution is a must.
  • Get quotes from multiple manufacturers. Evaluate the price versus promised quality, certification, support, etc. Negotiate for best terms and warranty coverage.
  • Do background research on shortlisted RMC plants. Customer reviews and ratings on forums can help verify their reputation and track record.

Leading RMC manufacturers like Kamdhenu Cement invest in the latest technologies and quality control to deliver high grade, durable ready mix concrete for diverse construction needs.

Why is Kamdhenu Cement the Best RMC Provider for You?

Kamdhenu Cement is a leading manufacturer of cement and ready-mix concrete (RMC). It supplies the best quality cement in India. Kamdhenu Cement RMC offers many advantages that make it the ideal choice:

  • Manufactured using Kamdhenu brand Portland Pozzolana Cement, it was awarded the best cement brand in India for its quality and consistency.
  • Kamdhenu RMC plants strictly follow all BIS codes and guidelines for producing high-quality ready-mix concrete.
  • Wide range of RMC products for various construction applications like foundations, slabs, beams, columns, etc.
  • Over 50 RMC plants are operational across India, ensuring easy availability and delivery.
  • High customer satisfaction is evident from positive reviews and 80% repeat customers.

Kamdhenu Cement provides end-to-end assistance, right from technical guidance to after-sales support:

  • Expert advice on appropriate RMC mix design and quantity estimation
  • Reliable supply chain with on-time delivery to site
  • Swift resolution of post-sales queries and issues

Choosing the best RMC supplier is crucial for timely, cost-effective construction. What sets us apart as the provider of the best quality cement in India is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Kamdhenu Cement is undoubtedly the top RMC provider for your needs.


Ready-mix concrete from a reliable plant is essential for successful construction projects. Kamdhenu Cement RMC offers superior quality, extensive availability, and complete support. For your next building or infrastructure need, visit www.kamdhenucement.com for more details and a free consultation with their experts. Invest in the best for utmost peace of mind. Contact Kamdhenu Cement today!