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Best Cement Company in Kerala

Kamdhenu Cement is the best cement company in Kerala committed to providing the best products. We are devoted to fulfilling the quality rules of the construction business by offering reliable products to our clients.

Our product is appropriate for a wide range of uncompromising development, including High  rise buildings, Bridges, Factories, Canals, etc. With a store network of 3000 Dealers and Distributors all over India, we have a broad scope of supply in the marke

Manufacturing Process

70-80% of Limestone, 10-15% Clay, 2-4% Iron ore, and 8-10% Pet coke are mixed and ground into fine powder in a ball mill.

The powder known as the raw mix is shifted to blending silos, where it is blended to get a uniform quality mix. The raw mix is tested and is shifted to a storage silo, from where it is charged to a previously lighted kiln through a rotary feeder. The charge is burnt at a temperature from 1300°C-1500°C. The clinker thus formed is discharged and stored at least for seven days.

Kamdhenu Cement ensures to maintain the best quality production of cement and standard manufacturing process being a leading cement company in India.

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